The Student Residence provides high quality student accommodation for the exclusive use of students.

This studio type accommodation includes single, twin and quad bed options that are complete with basic furnishings, en-suite toilet/bathroom, free WIFI, as well as private laundry and kitchen facilities.

The Student Residence building is located directly next door to the campus, with a one minute walk time to school and less than three minutes to the transport hub of Station. The area surrounding the Student Residence has endless numbers of cafes, bars and restaurants for students to select from.

The single bed option is suitable for those who appreciate privacy and prefer to live independently. The twin and quad options are shared rooms, suitable for those who are keen to meet other fellow students and to make new friends. Students in share rooms may book with friends, or elect to have a roommate assigned by the accommodation team.

Homestays allow students to live with a local family, experience day-to-day life, and enjoy amazing home-cooked food!

There is no better way to develop your language skills and learn more about this fascinating country than to fully immerse yourself in the culture and society.

As with most natives, our homestay families are eager to share their culture with our students, and can introduce you to some of the hidden delights of city.

Some families live in downtown apartments, others in larger homes in the suburbs, but regardless you will be warmly welcomed to the house as a guest, and will have the chance to experience the hospitality for which natives are well known for.

LangExpert can arrange accommodation from a selection of mini-studio locations. Mini-studios, better known as ‘goshiwon’, are low-priced accommodation normally used by university students.

Rooms are self-contained, with basic furnishings and a private bathroom. Kitchen and laundry facilities are shared, with most providing free rice, noodles and kimchi. Please keep in mind that while mini studios are the cheapest possible private accommodation, the rooms are very small!

Typically, the mini-studios we provide are within a fifteen-minute walk to the Lexis campus, and are a short stroll from a near-endless selection of shops, restaurants and bars. Full CCTV security systems are in place, along with auto-locking doors and on-site security; making mini-studios an ideal option for women traveling alone. Many providers offer ‘women only’ floors, so please request this if you would feel more comfortable.

For those wanting a more comfortable stay, serviced apartments offer a higher standard of accommodation. We have affiliated partners offer you the most convenient stay. Please do note however that serviced apartments are one of the more expensive options and therefore are more suitable for short term stays

We are affiliated with City which is right in the heart of capital, conveniently just a short 3 minutes’ walk and 5 minutes from station Exit 5. Artnouveau City provides a double room priced at USD800 per night. Bedroom and living room are separable by sliding door, with a fully furnished built-in kitchen and private laundry facilities. There is also a fitness centre provided for guests at no extra charge.